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  • Carpets and flooring supplied and expertly Fitted

    Crown Carpets & Flooring Choosing new carpet or flooring? Experiencing some painful indecisions? A new floor is a big commitment, both visually and more importantly financially, so making the right choice is all important. Wish you'd gone with the hardwood instead of the laminate? Too late! Unlike painting, you can't just undo your floor in an afternoon. We are happy to offer free advice to all customers and help plan their flooring requirements. We deal with such a large number of manufacturers and wholesalers that we will always find the most suitable flooring for our customers needs.

    We are proud to offer a high quality service at competitive prices. Our workmanship is consistently high because we only employ floor layers that are fully trained, hard working and have a good attitude towards their work and our customers.

  • New Carpets

    Natural carpets for your home or business Expert fitting Service

    Please note that when certain carpet is first laid, there may be some 'fluffing'. This is perfectly normal and it is best to vacuum daily initially.

    Professional cleaning is also recommended at least once every two years. In fact, some manufacturers insist upon it to maintain the warranty on their flooring. As with fitting, choose a professional.

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch via the information that is supplied on our Contact page, or scroll down to use our convenient get in touch form.

    If you live a distance away we can also arrange to send out small samples of some carpets so that you can see/feel the quality before you buy.

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